Ingrid Bíleková - oil on canvas
Slovak version

Mgr., Ingrid Bíleková was born 4 th May 1959 in Slovakia. She finished University Matej Bel in Banská Bystrica where she took B.A. in educational art. After the university she started to teach creative art at public school. Her artistic journej began by realistic period. Although now, she goes along journey where she feels that Nature is the source for all colours and Nature is the source of our atavistic life. This attitude forms her romantically-expressive paintings of Slovakian landscape. She lives in Oravske Veselé.

Mountain Village - Horská dedina,
oil on canvas 62x81cm

Slovak Ridges - Hoľa na Prašivej,
oil on canvas 80x100cm

The Blooming - Rozkvitnutie,
oil on canvas 60x80cm

The Spring - Jar,
oil on canvas 60x80cm

The Garden - Záhrada,
oil on canvas 30x50cm